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Anyone who has periods, or needs to access products for  someone else who has periods can receive products. Free products are available for anyone in Argyll and Bute, whether a resident or visiting. Access is not means tested, which means we don’t ask any information about income or why you need products. All we ask is that you only ever take what you need, as by doing this, you are ensuring as many people as possible can access the products that they need.

The initiative includes a range of single use, disposable items that most people will be familiar with, including tampons and pads. However we also stock a range of eco-friendly and reusable products including menstrual cups and reusable pads. Single use items are available in locations across Argyll & Bute, reusable products can be ordered online via our online ordering page

Yes – all our products that we supply are as eco-friendly as you can get.

The pads are made from bamboo and corn fibre, with no hidden nasty chemicals and 100% plastic free.  Wrapped individually and biodegradable, our period pads are as sustainable as you get.

The tampons we stock are made with 100% organic cotton that are naturally soft, breathable and hypoallergenic, and have biodegradable cardboard applicators with biodegradable paper wrappers too.

The reusable pads and pants are made from layers of absorbent bamboo fibres, they are good for the environment and good for you too.

Finally, menstrual cups are the most sustainable solution for your period! This latex free period cup is a reusable alternative to disposable menstrual products.

A menstrual cup is a cup made of medical-grade silicone that’s specifically designed to fit into your vagina. You insert it during your period so it can collect (rather than absorb) your blood; its edges conform to your vagina, so it creates a seal when it’s inserted properly. Then, once you remove it, you can discard the blood, rinse out your cup with soap and water (or the wipes that come with the cup), and put it back in. The process should be painless, and the silicone material means you can reuse it month after month for up to one year.

 There are lots of videos available online on using your menstrual cup.

It is important in Argyll and Bute that the message around free access to period products is a strong one. My Tribe is about inclusivity amongst those who have periods, with a focus on people feeling empowered and enabled. This was the brand chosen by participants of the consultation, held in early 2022. 

You can order 6 packs of pads and multiple tampons (4 boxes of each type), plus reusable products. If you feel this wouldn’t be enough, send an email to and we can order your required supplies

The provision of products in Argyll and Bute takes into account the many ways in which we prepare for periods, but sometimes, we can all be caught off guard! 

We have therefore made products available in public locations around Argyll and Bute to make sure you have free access to products when you need them. You can find a map of available locations and opening times, on our locations page

You can also download the PickupMyPeriod App


In council-run public conveniences, we aim to have a provision in disabled, female and male toilets. They are available in mens’ toilets to cater for men who may be parents, (e.g. single dads) or men who may have caring responsibilities, or need to access on behalf of a family member.

There may also be gender-transitioning men (female to male) that still experience periods but identify as male. 

Pickup My Period App


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