School Ordering

After the implementation of the Free Period Product Scotland Act in August 2022, it became a legal obligation for schools throughout Scotland to provide period products free of charge.

These products must be accessible at no cost during term time within all school premises, including every building regularly used by pupils and students. This requirement applies to both primary and secondary schools in Scotland.

Schools can refer to available guidance regarding compliance with the terms outlined in the act.

School Ordering

To order products for your school, please complete this form. 

Key Points to consider from the act

The following points should be considered in your provision of period products in your school – click through to read these

No Judgement
There must be no judgement as to the need, no limit to the amount of products an individual can take, nor attempts to 'ration' products.
Products should be freely accessible from places where individuals are comfortable doing so without having to ask for them, or justify why they need them or the amount that is needed.
Period products should be obtainable in a way that respects the dignity of individuals obtaining them.
Where possible, products should be made available in gender neutral toilets.
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